New Year, New Resolution: Storage

2016 brings a new year and with all new years, there are exciting and endless possibilities! The world is our oyster! With the new year comes new resolutions and sticking to the resolutions is definitely a year’s effort!

One common New Year’s resolution is to become more organized at home. This could be remedied by placing unused items into storage. A lot of times we discover that we have important items that we store in our home that are taking up much-needed space, but that we hardly ever use. Family heirlooms are one great example. Another great example is old toys and items from growing children that are too sentimental to part with. Placing these items into self-storage units could free up space in the home to refine the organization.

Self-storage allows for peace of mind because the items are stored safely and can be accessed year-round. And having the extra space in the house will make it feel like your home is bigger. You can Feng Shui your home and make it feel brand new for the new year!

A great tip is that small, closet sized units are very affordable and a great way to store items, including holiday and seasonal items, that are only needed at specific times in the year. SuperStorage San Diego has closet-sized units starting at under $60 per month for convenient and affordable storage. For more information on Storage in San Diego, CA, call Super Storage San Diego at (619) 262-2828. Or visit the website at (


Self Storage Tips

Motel Self-Storage: Keeping Tenants From ‘Checking In’ Permanently

By Amy Campbell featured on ISS (Inside Self-Storage)

This week I came across a lengthy article in the “Sun Sentinel” about people living in self-storage units. This is not something new to those who work in the industry. Most operators have heard tales of tenants taking up residence in a unit or even experienced this site violation themselves.

Living in a self-storage unit is not just illegal, but can be seriously unsafe for the tenant camping out, other customers and the facility’s staff. Operators who look the other way—even out of kindness—are setting themselves up for serious problems and even liability.

To be fair, most operators, including some of the ones quoted in the “Sun Sentinel” article, are likely unaware of the squatters. One of the renters said if “you’re like a ghost, you can maintain for quite a while.” The guy and his “drifter” friends claim they spend their nights at a Public Storage in Lake Worth. I’m betting that storage operator has put an end to that!

Another family featured in the article relayed how they avoided detection. Mom and Dad added the unit lock each night after their adult sons ducked into the unit just before the facility closed. How scary is that? What if there had been a fire, a medical emergency or someone panicked? And they claim they weren’t the only ones hiding out in the dark, sharing how many overnighters took turns washing up in the public restroom during the early morning before the facility opened.

It just proves there are some very clever people who’ve figured out ways to be “like a ghost” and take advantage of the lower-than-a-motel rental rate. Facilities vulnerable to these types include those that have limited office hours, but extended gate hours or 24-hours access. Big facilities can be more susceptible due to their sheer size. It’s easier to be a ghost among 1,000 units versus 400.

The reality is, however, it can happen at any facility. Case in point: Self-Storage Talk member A-team recently shared a “hotel self-storage” story. While doing a routine security check, the manager discovered the lights were on in a hallway. Further investigation revealed the tenant appeared to be sleeping in the unit, had been securing it from the inside, and even brought in a carpet, a queen-sized bed and a mirror. Others have chimed in on the thread with their own squatter stories and how they handled this rental-agreement violation, which has sparked some debate among SST members.

Fortunately, finding a tenant living in a unit is not a regular occurrence. Still, there are proactive steps operators can take to ensure tenants aren’t crashing permanently. The obvious is to be aware of what’s going on at your property. Do you see the same vehicle, person or group at the facility a lot? Does it look like they’re actually moving anything in or out of the unit, or are they simply “hanging out”?

Second, make yourself known. An operator who spends time making the rounds will be seen as a threat to anyone looking to do something wrong—whether it be spending the night, having an affair in the unit, storing something illegal or planning to steal. If your face is known and your eyes are always watching, with the help of a great security system, they’re less likely to think of your facility as an easy target for their misdeeds. Read this ISS article for some great security and safety tips. Also, make it easy for other tenants to report suspicious behavior.

Speaking of video surveillance. If the facility in which all of these people who regularly used the public bathroom every morning had a camera trained on it, they would have been found out quite easily. Cameras also act as great deterrents. If your cameras are few or outdated, it maybe time to upgrade. Check out this ISS article on how to build a superb video surveillance system.

Finally, make sure you have the “no living in a unit” clause boldly stated in your rental agreement, then point it out to new tenants during the rental signing. You might even want to consider putting a line next to this clause and request them to initial it. It might seem extreme but, again, you’re looking to deter this kind of behavior. It’s always better to prevent than to be forced to react after the fact.


Self Storage Helps Sell Homes

By Paul Reynolds on SelfStorAll

So how can a self storage facility help you sell your house? Do they have some secret well of potential buyers that you just need to know the secret handshake in order to gain access to? Not exactly, but a self storage facility can help make your house ready for sale.

Not everyone can afford to move out until after their home has sold; simple economics don’t allow for it. That can be the problem in selling your home though.

As people go through life, especially when they stay in the same place for a number of years, they tend to gather a lot of stuff. Often it is things that we don’t want to get rid due to sentimental reasons. Even though we may not use whatever it is anymore we hold on to. Those sentimental objects then take up valuable space and make your home look cluttered.

The more cluttered your home is, the smaller it appears to prospective buyers. When people are house hunting space is typically one of the main concerns. If they can’t see the space then they often assume that it must not be there. What you need to do is de-clutter your home and that is where a self storage unit can help.

For a relatively cheap fee (especially when you consider that it will help sell your house), a self storage unit allows you to hold on to all those sentimental objects that you could not part with before. Moving out as many non-essential things as possible will make it easier for you to stage your house in a way that even the smallest spaces can look big.

So if you have been trying to sell your house take a look around at all your stuff and start moving what you don’t need in to a self storage unit!


Pinterest Favorites: Winter Holiday!

Pinterest Favorites: Winter Holidays!


Christmas is one holiday that people seem to pull out all the stops for. Decorating, gifts, music, Christmas trees, the whole bit! For a lot of people, the more money you save, the better. DIY projects are a great way to accomplish adorable gifts, decorations and what have you without spending a fortune.

Christmas is a haven for projects, here are a few of our favorite Holiday boards:

These are great DIY boards full of fun ideas to decorate your home:

Fun little make your own Snowman projects:

For those of you with little ones, Santa Sacks!:

Who doesn’t love food? 😉 Here are a few boards for dinner & desert ideas:

Dinner Time:

Desserts & Treats:

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Winter Storage Tips!


With the winter season starting to get into full swing, you may want to think about storing all those summertime items in a self storage facility. Here are a few tips to make sure your transition from summer to winter is as seamless as possible:

1. Make sure all your items are in proper working condition before storing. Why? Making sure your belongings work before stashing them away for a few months will prevent you from having to remember about making repairs later down the line. Make life a little easier on yourself in the long run by taking a few extra minutes to make sure everything works properly.

2. Clean all your items before storing them. Cleaning your items and making sure they are completely dry is essential to the upkeep of your belongings. When the temperatures drop, the cold lurks in and any moisture can turn into ice.

3. Any tools that require gas to power them , be sure to empty the tanks! (lawnmowers, weed wackers, etc.)

4. If you plan on storing any clothing, be sure all items are thoroughly washed. Particles and stains left on your clothing can set into several months of storage. Cleaning the clothes also means that insects will be less likely to take up refuge in your sweaters.

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Exciting new beginnings SuperStorage formerly known as Home Handy Storage!



SuperStorage is proud to be the new operator of a local self storage icon, the former Home Handy Storage. Founded in 1977, it has served the community well; however, it is about to undergo a major renovation to enhance, upgrade and beautify features. SuperStorage will be automating gate access, enhancing security and expanding services, including extending access hours for all units. In addition, our staff, which lives onsite, is increasingly customer service oriented. So, let us take the stress out of your move into a storage unit. Call today for our SPECIALS and let us earn your business.

Remember, all of our units are at ground level (NO ELEVATORS OR STAIRS TO CLIMB), we offer inside and drive-up units, security cameras record activity onsite 24/7, we have sizes small to large, some with 24 hour access, and we sell boxes and moving supplies. We are conveniently located on Home Avenue, at Euclid Avenue, near the intersections of I – 805, I – 15 and Hwy 94.

Flexible payment options to make it easy to manage your account. SuperStorage accepts Cash, Check, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You can pay online through our website, set up for auto-payment or pay over the phone (when you have presented your bank card in person the first time).

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