How to Store Shoes in a Storage Unit without Destroying Them?

Shoes can damage easily in the right circumstances, so storing them properly is the way to go if you want to keep them in better condition longer. With the right storage strategy, you can keep your shoes in top shape for years or even decades.

Whether you’re managing a move and need somewhere to put your shoes for a few months, or you’re a collector with years’ worth of inventory, storage units are a fantastic place to keep shoes. You can avoid moving them too much, which is one of the main ways they get damaged. 

By keeping them in containers, managing space well, and watching out for things like mold growth, you can add years to your shoes’ lifespan and get the peace of mind you need knowing your shoes are ok.

Choosing the right type of unit and the containers you use will make a massive difference in how your shoes survive. Here’s what you need to know about storing shoes in a storage unit without destroying them.

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Giving Shoes the Room They Need

One of the biggest mistakes people make storing shoes is piling them on each other. If you walk into a lot of houses, you’ll see baskets or bins full of shoes stacked in a mess. This, of course, is no way to keep shoes in good condition.

If you’re already keeping shoes like this, then you’re probably not overly concerned with how they’ll do in a storage unit. You’re here, however, because you likely care more and want to find ways to prevent rot, dirt, and creases.

The main thing you want to do is give your shoes the correct amount of room. Whether you’re keeping your storage unit specifically for your shoes or you have other items, you need to ensure they aren’t on top of each other or smashed under heavy objects.

locked green storage unit

Finding the Right Storage Unit

Deciding on the best storage unit is your first step. For example, you may want to pay more for a climate-controlled unit if you live somewhere that gets extremely hot. This is because shoes can melt in extreme temperatures, and even hot units can cause discolorations or colors to fade depending on how long you keep things in there.

If you’re unsure, talk to the rental leasing office before you move in to get their advice on the best unit for you. Also, rent a big enough unit for your shoes and anything else you’re storing to avoid shoving things in corners or stacking too many items on top of each other.

clear plastic containers

Containers for Your Shoes

Buy clear, air-tight containers to keep shoes in. If you’re only putting a pair of shoes in your unit for a week or so, then keeping them in a box or out in the open is no big deal. Any longer, however, you’ll want something better for storage.

With clear, sealed containers, you can stack your shoes on top of each other without worrying about anything crushing them. You can also pop over to your storage unit and find what you need quickly if you want to wear or sell something.

Plastic tubs or containers will keep your shoes looking new and prevent anything from mashing into them.

You may also want to wrap each individual shoe in either plastic wrap or packing paper for added protection. While this may not be realistic for shoes you’ll regularly wear, keeping shoes for future sale or storing them for an undetermined amount of time may require extra wrapping.

Make sure your shoes are dry before you put them in the container. The seal will trap any excess moisture inside, which could affect how they look when you take them out. In addition, you can buy moisture-wicking products to keep near your shoes to eliminate any water.

open concept closet with clothes hanging and shoes align at the bottom

Keep Your Shoes Off of the Ground

Don’t put anything on the ground of your storage unit. While most facilities go to great lengths to avoid anything like water damage from affecting tenants, you’re better safe than sorry.

If you can, buy some affordable shelving units where you can store shoes and any other small items in your unit. You can build them and have them up in a matter of minutes, and it will help you keep your shoes more organized.

You never want to keep shoes on the ground because if something in the unit spills or if there is a serious storm, you may get water on the floor.

rubber shoes in the box

Cover Your Shoes

Even though your shoes aren’t under direct sunlight, you should keep the shoes covered to avoid any yellowing. This is an especially helpful hint if you’re keeping your shoes in the unit long-term. Left alone for too long, your shoes can take on a yellow or brownish hue that will ruin them.

Keep them in the box before you put them in the plastic containers. You can also use tarps or blankets to cover them and prevent any sun or air damage to your shoes.

storing sneakers in the shoe cabinet

Organization is Key

Above all, keep track of your shoes by having a system for storage. Suppose you’ve ever seen any reality TV shows about storage units. In that case, you’ll know that the units with poor organization often have a lot of mold and other unnecessary damage to the property inside. On the other hand, well-kept storage units are easier to move through and keep items in better condition.

When you’re moving into a storage unit to store your shoe collection, you should have a plan before moving anything valuable inside.

Sort your shoes based on how often you’ll need them. Keeping less-used items in the back will save you time and prevent any excess handling that you want to avoid. Grouping them based on style or occasion is the best way to go.

With the right approach, you can keep your shoes in fantastic condition for years in a storage unit. Follow these steps to avoid damage and store your shoes worry-free as long as you need them.

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